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Internet in China and How to Access It Conveniently

As of March 2017 statistics have it that the number of internet users internet users in China had hit 700 million with the majority of the users residing in urban areas. However, there is also a significant number of internet users in rural areas with the number being at 178 million this year.

Most internet users in China are also said to be using high-speed internet connection. This is majorly due to the advancements in terms of technology that China has witnessed in the recent years overtaking even the traditional internet using countries including the United States of America.

China Telecom and China Unicom are the major internet providers in China. The prices at which they offer the internet service is well within the reach of majority of middle-class people in the country.

An important fact about Chinese Internet is that online access routes are owned by the People's Republic of China government. This means that private enterprises can only be lent this service by the government. Internet usage through the global internet is relatively slow and therefore discouraging to internet users.

Chinese websites are the ones mainly used by people in China due to a low level of knowledge of other foreign languages by the locals. All websites operating in China do so after having been licensed by the People's Republic of China government through the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.

Online shopping and online modes of payment continue to grow at a very high rate in China as the majority of shoppers prefer to do so online. The number of people with online payment accounts in China is also very high with Alipay as a major online payment provider in China boasting of over 600 million account users.

On online gaming in China is the largest market for online gamers with the market value being valued at a cost of more than $13.5 billion.

The major challenge that foreigners face in China is how to access social media such as Twitter, Facebook, search engines including Google and the likes. The government blocks a large number of foreign websites. The most widely used search engine in China is Baidu. Google became officially blocked in China from 2014.

Lets begin with how to unblock these. First make sure to find a VPN that will enable you to get behind restrictive firewalls in China. VPNs are accessed at a cost payable either annually or monthly. The important thing is to ensure the selected some good and affordable VPNs that works in China. For example, ExpressVPN works pretty well in China.

Download any necessary software that you might use in China preferably before visiting China as most popular VPNs are blocked in China. Some VPN services have apps that can be installed in apple and android devices.

After this connect with your VPN service by running it and entering the required log-in information. Then click to connect after which the device is supposed to connect automatically.

If your VPN is not accessible troubleshoot to have your connection established. Once connected you can visit any of the previously blocked websites and access them. The speed may, however, be low depending on the distance between you and your VPN server.